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    Bamboo Mommy's Litle Girl Tank [DD-BMLG-0709]


    Green product made from 100% Bamboo. If you have never felt or experienced the benefits of Bamboo, then you are in for a real treat. •Bamboo has a very soft and luxurious feel and is super comfortable! •Bamboo is naturally Hypo-allergenic, Anti-Microbial (kills Bacteria that causes odors), Cool in Hot Climates and Warm in Cold Climates, Anti-Bacterial and Recyclable. •More importantly Bamboo also supplies 30% more Oxygen than trees and also removes 30% more Carbon Dioxide. •Growing Bamboo Requires No Fertilizers OR Pesticides To Grow and naturally holds color during the dyeing process, which prevents the use of heavy metals and toxic chemicals. •Button Hole Opening for Harness D-Ring

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